Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes, 50.00

6o Minutes, $89.95

90 Minutes, $119.95

We employ therapeutic deep tissue technique that focuses on realigning deep layers of muscles and to relieve chronic muscle tension and acute pain in the body. Regular sessions improve body movements and stimulate blood circulation, leaving you feel rejuvenated. Our skilled therapists use slow movement, deep pressure, and friction to realign connective tissues and muscles, focusing on areas of pain and tension using fingers, hands, elbows and specific techniques to ‘’break up’’ the tension, or “knots,” and provide greater range of movement. Muscle tissue is stretched and separated, resulting in better circulation of blood.

You may immediately feel better after just one session at Carytown Massage as you say ‘goodbye’ to sore shoulders, a stiff neck, tightness in the lower back, or any other acute pain in your body. Our therapeutic massage procedure targets individual problematic areas and apart from alleviating pain it also stimulates the release of toxins stored in cells, improves circulation, and improves joint mobility.