Swedish Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage

30 Minutes, 50.00

6o Minutes, $89.95

90 Minutes, $119.95

Make an appointment to relax with a Swedish massage, this type of massage is one of our most popular services. Swedish relaxation massage provides much needed relief for an aching body by allowing the release of tension in the muscles. Different techniques, including long deep strokes and friction therapy help relax the muscle and provide relief. test

Swedish massage helps calm your nerves and is extremely relaxing. This revitalizing experience helps reduce the burdens of everyday life and decreases stress levels. A lighter and more gentle touch or deeper pressure may be applied to problem areas depending on what is needed to release the muscles and provide you with the desired results.

Swedish massage improves circulation, soothe sore muscles and evokes a deep sense of relaxation. It provides an environment for the body’s muscles to release and relax.  A Swedish massage by a therapist at Carytown Massage will leave feeling renewed and re-energized.

One of our trained and experienced therapist will be preforming this technique. We look forward to providing you with a serene environment and the benefits of a Swedish massage.


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