Carytown Massage clinic is a true urban haven for people looking to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life. As such, we take great pride in having created a tranquil and luxurious ambiance to promote full relaxation for our customers. Our skilled therapists are experienced and certified in all standard and new massage techniques and we only use the most trusted products from partner brands to enhance the qualities of the holistic treatments and procedures we offer.

Our choice of massage products include


BIOTONE is one of our trusted partners in providing premium massage products rich in natural ingredients to nurture the body and mind. Their customized blends of lotions, massage oils and creams are the result of extensive research and desire to provide 100% organic, responsibly sourced products. The brand stands behind its strong values of quality, reliability and innovation with a wide range of natural massage products that speaks to their vision and commitment.

Our clients are guaranteed an enhanced therapeutic experience through the use of abundant, light and delicately scented oils and lotions that provide superb hydration and nutrition for dry, damaged skin while giving an outstanding glide and workability during a massage. Ingredients are an exclusive blend of certified organic botanical extracts that help tone, firm, sooth and moisturize the skin. All BIOTONE products are 100% paraben and propylene and gycol free.


Developed by a qualified medical professional as a fast-result answer to crippling arthritis pains, today BIOFREEZE finds a wide application in massage therapy for its many qualities. The light, scent-free formula has an instant cooling and soothing effect on sore areas, muscle spasms and joint strains. This allows our therapists to work on clients without causing any discomfort or pain.

With an active ingredient of menthol and a blend of a few inactive ones – BIOFREEZE is the ultimate cold therapy product that offers quick pain relief for a multitude of health conditions and injuries. Its unique qualities allow our therapists to provide a deeper dimension of relaxation, health and well-being to clients, eliminating discomfort and pain. We work with the natural movement of the body, not against it, and in order to make the most of each session – we require for the customer to be as relaxed and pain-free as possible. The combination of soothing organic lotions and/or oils and BIOFREEZE pain relief gel is the key to a healing, enjoyable and rejuvenating massage therapy.