Couples Massage

Couples Massage (Same Room)

30 Minutes, $50.00 (Per Person)

60 Minutes, $89.95 (Per Person)

90 Minutes, $119.95 (Per Person)

Couples massage at Carytown Massage in Richmond, VA is done in the same room. The couples massage is a popular all year. They’re enjoyed for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, mother’s day or Valentine’s Day. So what can you expect during a couple’s massage?

A couple’s massage is offered and conducted in a private room to accommodate side-by-side massage tables for couples. Two therapists are assigned to the couple (one for each) and they work on the couple simultaneously.

Before the massage, you and your partner can disrobe to your comfort level and get settled on the massage table. Once you are settled, the therapists will enter the massage area. During the massage, you will be professionally draped with sheets except for the area that is being massaged. You can have a conversation with your partner or just relax as you both listen to the gentle music being played on the background.

After the massage session, your therapists will leave the massage area as you get dressed. Speak with our front desk representative or your therapist about adding a foot scrub, reflexology, and other services to your session.

A couple’s massage is one of the best things that both you and your partner can experience together. You deserve to relax, get pampered, as well as get relief from stress and sore muscles.